Bells of the Australian Bush  The History, The Makers, The Collectors
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Gallery 1 Featuring iron and brass bells, pot bells, cluckett bells, Condamine bells, and Texas and Kentucky including these blacksmithed bells made by A H Ormand. Gallery 2 Featuring all types of animal bells including horse bells, sheep bells, turkey bells and camel bells.  
View images of cow bells used in Australia and historical locations.
bell gallery bell gallery Australian Bush Bells Bull, Swamp & Tree Frog Bells?  Samuel Jones made bells from one to seven pounds in 16 graduated sizes. The large iron bells were called ‘Bull Frog’ bells as they sounded like a bullfrog holed up in a hollow log. Medium and small sized bells were called ‘Swamp Frog’ and ‘Tree Frog’ bells respectively, for similar reasons. Bell Gallery 1 Bell Gallery 1 Bell Gallery 2 Bell Gallery 2