Bells of the Australian Bush  The History, The Makers, The Collectors
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Frequently Asked Questions Here are our responses to some questions from our readers.
Do you sell bells? No. We are bell historians and do not sell bells via this website. If you wish to purchase a new cow bell, then we recommend you contact Kent Sadlerery at Stanthorpe How do I know what a bell is worth when buying or selling? Valuing a bell is difficult, even for collectors with years of experience. Seek advice from the experts and get at least a couple of opinions. Be aware, if you find a good bell for sale at a good price, keep the source confidential or else the person you seek advice from may beat you to the buy. We also recommend you purchase our book, Bells of the Australian Bush, as it catalogues all known bell types and their distinguishing marks and characteristics and can help you to identify items for sale. What is the best method of selling a bell? Word of mouth amongst collectors is good. However, better prices can sometimes be obtained through auctions such as EBay etc., but you still need to know the bell’s value to be sure to place an adequate reserve price. I have heard that a current bell maker is producing replica Jones bells, how are these identifiable from the originals? Yes. Click on the link for more details on this story. Who was the successor to S W Jones? Alfred Ormand apprenticed under Samuel Williams Jones, and is the only true successor to the famous Jones Condamine Bell. Alfred’s sons, James and Alf, both worked with their father for many years and learned the trade. On his father’s retirement, Alf (A H Ormand) continued to produce Condamine and Kentucky bells under his own stamp until the late 1990s. Alf was a master bell maker in his own right, and sadly he passed away in January 2013. He was the last of the traditional bell makers in Australia and he will be remembered for his great contribution to the bell-making industry and its history.  
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