Bells of the Australian Bush  The History, The Makers, The Collectors
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Interesting Stories Here are some interesting stories and information about cow bells.
William Tench - Kidderminster In researching the history of bells in Australia, we made some interesting connections with historians around the world. In this case, we found a brass bell stamped ‘William Tench - Kidderminster’ in a connection here in Australia. We contacted the ‘Kidderminister Civic Society’ to learn more and in doing so, revived their own brass foundry history. Here’s what they had to say. S W Jones bells - Learn how to identify genuine bells Bells made by Samuel Williams Jones that are in good condition have always been highly prized items in any collection, and genuine bells have sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in recent times. Unfortunately, there are makers who are now replicating Jones bells and components such as the bell strikers (dongers) to profit from this situation. These ‘fakes’ do look like the real thing in many ways, so it is important that buyers closely scrutinize Jones bells before making a purchase. One important statistic to remember is that S W Jones did not make bells more than 7 pounds in weight. For more information on how to distinguish genuine Jones bells, click here.  
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