Bells of the Australian Bush  The History, The Makers, The Collectors
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From the Authors - Donald Cooney, Paul & Eleanor Knie Bells of the Australian Bush: The History, The Makers, The Collectors  (ISBN 9780980392616) published 2008 by Jinglestix, Toowoomba, Australia 
The Authors Donald Cooney described himself as a Paroo River sheepman, mulga country bushman, scrub-cutter and long time collector of Australian bush bells. He had a particular affinity for bush culture and the remote areas of southwest Queensland. He had painstakingly put together his recollections of life in western Queensland and shared his knowledge about the bells; their characteristics and use. Donald is missed and affectionately remembered by all who knew him. Paul and Eleanor Knie meticulously researched animal bells of all types used in Australia including designs, identifying marks, their makers and lifestyles of those who used them. Information was gathered from a variety of sources including museum collections, historical documents and interviews with collectors throughout Australia and overseas. Where possible, personal interviews were conducted with the few remaining original bell makers and descendants of these historical figures to verify authenticity and accuracy of existing records. As part of this process they were able to photograph many of the bell collections that remain to ensure the book is a comprehensive account of animal bells used in Australia whether manufactured locally or imported from overseas (typically the UK and US). Paul and Eleanor are the owners of this website.
Why write about cow bells?  As the authors, we recognised that cow bells, sheep bells and horse bells were a common icon in the landscape of Australia’s settlement and pioneering history. So it was timely to catalogue what bells remained and document their stories for generations to come. We consider ourselves ‘ordinary’ Australians with an interest in preserving our culture and heritage. about us about us