Bells of the Australian Bush  The History, The Makers, The Collectors
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Denis Hughes and the Famous ‘Dinnys’ Bell In the 1880s, Denis Hughes started a workshop in Oberon NSW and began making wagons and animal bells. His workmanship was well respected and it is said that he made all the components of a wagon, apart from the axles and wheels. He also had his own team of bullocks and was doing contract haulage to nearby and the distant location of Mudgee. Denis soon became well known as a bell maker and gained the friendly nickname ‘Dinny’. He is accredited with making many different sizes, but since he didn’t use a stamp it is difficult to identify his products. We do know of a few bells that can be authenticated as well as some brass 'Success bells' that Denis marked with his initials. However, the genuine Dinny’s bell is the rarest bell of all. William Pickering William Pickering was a local blacksmith from the 1890s who had a business in Wanaaring NSW. He was known for the sturdy farm tools he made, with some surviving to this day. He also produced pot shaped bells of differing sizes. Click on the map to find the location of well known bell makers in Australia.                                      
Here is an overview of the other prominent bell makers in Australia. other bell makers other bell makers Other Significant Bell Makers
Left to Right A genuine Dinny’s bell, Oberon district, Pickering bell, horse bell.