Bells of the Australian Bush  The History, The Makers, The Collectors
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Denis Hughes - ‘Dinnys’ Bells Dinny’s bells are probably Australia’s rarest, recognisable cow bells. Denis Hughes was an skilled blacksmith who lived and worked in Oberson NSW with his own bullock teams. In response to interest in Denis Hughes bells and their identifying features, we have put together this gallery of three pot-style bells.  In short they could be described as an oval pot bell with a rectangular mouth. The main identifying features are: the rectangular mouth the striker that is often elongated, or bullet shaped (but not always) the top with its edge rolled over – similar to a pot bell.  We know, based on good information, that Dinny also made a Condamine shape bell. These are difficult to positively identify, but the sample we viewed had the elongated striker. An image can be found in our book: Bells of the Australian Bush. Denis Hughes did not stamp or mark his bells. However many of the bells he used himself were stamped with a centre punch showing ‘DH2’ as shown here. < Click the image to read more.
Bell 1 Face
Bell 1 Side
Bell 1 Seam
Bell 1 Mouth
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Bell 2 Seam
Bell 3 Mouth & Strap
Bell 3 Face & Strap
Bell 3 Seam & Strap
Bell 2 Mouth
Bell 2 Side
Bell 2 Top
Dinny’s Bells Here is some additional information on identifying bells made by Denis Hughes.
Denis Hughes Denis Hughes